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Economic Equality

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Steve Harvey for U.S. President 2024


WHY we should support steve harvey FOR U.S. PRESIDENT

I see how fast and how bad things are going in America right now, and I simply cannot stand by and watch these folks destroy the America I have known all my life.

These folks want to bring back the Jim Crow days.
These folks want to turn the clock back not to 1965, but 1865.

These folks on the U.S. Supreme Court want to take away our elections, take away a woman's right to choose, tell us who we can and can't marry.
If somebody doesn't go to Washington and stop these folks they will destroy 100 years of hard-fought and won landmark civil rights cases and 50 years of Supreme Court cases women and people of color have relied upon to protect their civil liberties.

That's why Steve Harvey is the man for the job.

Steve has the same amount of political experience Donald Trump had when Trump sat down in the Oval Office.

Steve could be President if he really wanted to, with the right campaign assistance and running on a progressive agenda yes, Steve could be elected President.

Why a progressive agenda?
Because a majority of Americans support progressive Democratic Party policies exclusively;
such as Medicare-for-All, Child Tax Credits, Paid Childcare, Paid Family and Medical Leave, Paid Community College and Trade School, etc.

Let's support Steve Harvey for President in 2024.

A majority of voters support the policies exclusively found in progressive Democratic Party legislation: 

  • Medicare-for-All

  • Child Tax Credits

  • Paid Family and Medical Leave

  • Paid Childcare 


  • Paid Community College and Trade School



The American people have demonstrated time and time again that We The People support progressive Democratic Party legislation such as Medicare-for-All, Child Tax Credits, Paid Family and Medical Leave, 

Everyone knows the White Elephant in the room is the Grand Old Republican Party, and everyone knows that the Republican Party has been blocking progress in America for our entire lives. What has the Republican Party ever done for you?


Unless you are a mega-corporation or a billionaire, the Republican Party has never done anything for you except restrict your freedom, restrict your liberty, and empower large corporations, wealthy donors, special interests and billionaires.

The Republican Party has been getting a free pass on running on their false claim of less government, more freedom. This Republican Party has shown us they are the party of Big Business, Big Oil, Coal and Gas, the party of less freedom for women and LGBTQ but the party of more freedom for conservative extremists hellbent into codifying their conservative beliefs into law instead of codifying the Majority Will of the People into law.


Let's support Steve Harvey for President.

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